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Explore the supernatural at the second annual PhenomeCon paranormal conference in Vernal, Utah on September 8th -11th, 2022. For over a century the Uintah Basin has been making headlines with paranormal sightings and activities including cattle mutilations, UFO's, Big Foot, and everything in between. Now most recently the Uintah Basin has found itself on the world stage with two hit TV series. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on the History Channel and The Mystery of Blindfrog Ranch on the Discovery Channel. As home to some of the most paranormal hotspots in the world, Uintah County is excited to host PhenomeCon that will bring together experts, experiencers, and enthusiasts for a multi-day event.

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  • Speakers TBA


Location: Vernal, Utah

Date: September 8th -11th, 2022

Time: TBA

State: Utah