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News articles, stories, posts and information from contributors and members of the Sasquatch The Legend community. The perspectives presented here may or may not reflect the views of Sasquatch The Legend, Inc.

The Sasquatch Told Me to Return What I Had Taken

Mel Skahan, a forester with decades of experience in the woodlands of eastern Washington, relates a lesson he learned about respecting Sasquatch. Skahan will be a featured speaker at Sasquatch The Legend's Forks Sasquatch Days in May 2023.

“I had to learn a lesson,” says Mel Skahan, an enrolled member of the indigenous Yakama tribe, based in eastern Washington State. “I had done something that I shouldn’t have. I had to correct what I had done and heal that relationship,” he explains.

It might sound like Skahan is describing a difficult situation with a work colleague, or a crisis point in a marriage, but he’s not. He’s talking about a time when he, in his own words, “violated the trust” of Sasquatch.

A career forester, Skahan has spent decades working in timbered areas of Washington State, doing such jobs as timber cruising, conducting insect studies, fighting wildfires and more. Several years ago, while marking trees for a timber sale in a creek bottom area, Skahan was hammering flags onto a tree when his senses suddenly came alive. “I had this uneasy feeling that I was being watched and followed,” Skahan says...



Just for Fun, Sasquatch Haiku

Have you ever felt inspired while hiking in a lush, green, possibly-Sasquatch-inhabited forest or near a joyfully-splashing river, or wished you could somehow express the feeling of being immersed in the sublime beauty of nature? These emotions can be channeled into a form called Haiku, an ancient style of poetry from Japan. This short poem structure is characterized by three lines in a pattern of 5/7/5 syllables.

  • Line one has five syllables.
  • Line two has seven syllables.
  • Line three has five syllables.

Traditional Japanese haiku often focuses on a single aspect of nature, such as a leaf falling on water, and the poems can be graceful, pleasing and lovely, even when translated. Our haiku is perhaps…not so much. Nevertheless, here are some Bigfoot/Sasquatch-inspired Haiku poems from Sasquatch The Legend. 

 Dark face in the trees

Much too tall for a person

What else could it be?


Photo: Ken and Laurie Hamilton

The Story Behind the Store: Getting to Know Ken & Laurie Hamilton, owners of Sasquatch The Legend.

In this article, Laurie Hamilton tells us about a frightening experience that would change her life forever...a big surprise that happened on a bike trail in Alabama.

Many people ask us why we opened a Sasquatch store and what we hope to do with it, so we thought we’d share a little bit about us. 

In 2018, while mountain biking near Duck River Mountain in Cullman, Alabama, we had an experience that changed our lives. We were biking on a remote trail, just exploring and appreciating the forest after being in the desert in Arizona for the last couple years. Ken had fallen a bit behind, and I (Laurie) was about a mile or two ahead of him on a pretty desolate path...

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Howls & Happenings in the Hoodoos: Interview with Cindy Goodbrake of Sasquatch Sisters Northwest

Sasquatch The Legend's exclusive interview with Cindy Goodbrake, founder of the all-female research group Sasquatch Sisters Northwest, details some of the unusual experiences Cindy and her family have had since moving to the Hoodoo Mountains area of North Idaho. 

Thunderous slaps on the outside of your house…pine cones being thrown at your children…an unknown being braiding the manes and tails of your horses…something huge outside standing on two legs…and a violently shaking trailer with no one inside it.

These are not the things most people expect to have happen after moving to a peaceful, rural property in North Idaho at the edge of the rugged Hoodoo Mountains. Yet these strange interactions would became part of everyday life for Cindy Goodbrake and her family...



A Big Birthday at Yakima Valley Bigfoot Con

Attendees of the October 2022 Yakima Valley Bigfoot Con enjoyed a very special opportunity to meet the legendary Bob Gimlin of the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film. 

Fifty five years ago, Gimlin and his friend Roger Patterson captured just over a minute of film of a large, hairy creature, now known as “Patty,” striding through the trees in Bluff Creek, California. To this day, this brief footage is considered to be one of the strongest pieces of evidence substantiating the existence of Sasquatch beings. 

Dressed in his trademark cowboy hat, jeans, belt and boots, the now-91-year-old Gimlin received a Lifetime Achievement Award... 

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Giant Fingerprints on a Dusty Truck

Barb Shupe, a longtime Sasquatch experiencer and cofounder of the Barb & Goldie Group, is based in the Mount Rainier area of Washington State. The B&G (Barb & Goldie) group is a gathering of Sasquatch experiencers and researchers who camp out together several times a year and respectfully strive to learn not only about the Sasquatch, but from them. Barb kindly shared a recent story of strange, giant fingerprints found at a campsite during a B&G gathering in Greenwater, WA. 

"This weekend (October 15-16, 2022) we wrapped up our final campout of the season. We had so many amazing adventures! I’ll be sharing them soon. But for now, I have something exciting to share. This last week, while camping near Greenwater, we were aware of the possible presence of the Forest Folk around us, pretty much the whole time we were in camp. There were vocals, footsteps, a shaken tree, wood knocks, even a run through…the usual stuff, LOL...




Apples & Sasquatch

Crunching sounds are heard in the orchard…a dark shadow slips through the trees…the fruit is gone. 

Many Sasquatch researchers believe that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, loves apples. This idea, common in folklore and in stories passed down for generations, has been substantiated by dozens, if not hundreds of reports of fruit disappearing from trees in both home and commercial apple orchards amid sightings of large, dark beings. 

Apples have become one of the most common gifts that researchers leave for Sasquatch in order to befriend or have an opportunity to study the beings, and nearly every book and TV show about interactions with Sasquatch includes a mention of gifting apples. 


Bigfoot/Sasquatch News Roundup

Here is a selection of intriguing Bigfoot/Sasquatch-related articles that have appeared in the news over the past few months. 

The Wall Street Journal printed an article about ongoing searches for Sasquatch, along with a photo essay: 

“Some researchers are looking for Bigfoot…just don’t tell anyone.”

The BBC discussed First Nations views of Bigfoot, as well as mentioning the expansion of a Sasquatch Museum in British Columbia, set to open in 2023: 

“The true origin of Sasquatch”

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A Conversation with Melba Ketchum about her new book series, The Phantom Forest Saga, and more.

Author Melba Ketchum is the creator of a new series of fantasy books, the Phantom Forest Saga. Book 1, Befriended, is already out and Book 2, Bereft, will be published in the next few weeks. Readers love the first book and say it is a little like the Twilight series, but with Sasquatch in the forest. 

In Befriended, two young people from vastly different worlds meet in the woods, endure frightening experiences and grow closer together. Readers get to know beautiful forest people from warring clans, meet interesting characters that either help or try to hurt the main character, Gracie, and experience vivid scenes of love, adventure, and the struggle to stay alive. 

In this exclusive interview, Ms. Ketchum spoke with Sasquatch The Legend about her books. 



Thom Cantrall reflects on camping, examining footprints, and looking into 'unusual bear activity' with his friend Barb and her dog, Gabby

Cantrall, an acclaimed author, frequent speaker at Sasquatch The Legend conferences, and friend to many in the Bigfoot community, shares an excerpt from a book he is currently writing (we'll be sure to let you know when it is published).

Barb 'n Gabby

A few years ago, back in 2014, a new research team came to my attention.  The first thing I noticed was that one of the team members was a real dog... the senior member, however seemed level headed and very interested, if not too well informed.  I began following their work loosely and noticed a distinct improvement in the material being presented in their videos they released regularly... most from near their western Washington home.

It was November of 2014 that I first met this lady at the Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores, Washington...


Inside the Owl Moon Lab with Tobe Johnson

What do owls, moons, and paranormal experiments have to do with Sasquatch? And what’s all this about an ‘interactive’ book? The Owl Moon Lab author Tobe Johnson clears things up for us.

“The Owl Moon Lab is a place where the veil is thin, a strange place on the grid, much like Skinwalker Ranch,” explains Johnson.

“It’s also a ranch in Oregon where my friends Darrell and Cindy lived, and I was living on part of their property. I’d been looking into Sasquatch sightings for many years and one day I was with a friend who took me to see some stick structures in the forest, and on the way there we saw these strange knee impressions in the ground under a full moon...


Murmurs in the Mountains of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

The dark, thickly forested terrain of Washington State’s Olympic Mountain Range became the setting for one of the strangest experiences I have ever had.

The story began in May of 2021, when my father and I headed into the mountains near Forks, WA to scout out potential elk hunting sites for later in the year. (I won’t say exactly where we were, because this is a special place, and I don’t want to spoil it with too many visitors.)

We parked our car at the bottom of an old logging road which had been decommissioned years ago by the Forest Service. As we trudged up the steep, gravel road, with each switchback, the well-worn ruts in the earth became more and more overgrown with brush, and after a mile or two, the surroundings began to appear more like natural habitat than anything manmade...


FILM REVIEW: A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed (2022)

Directed by Brett Eichenberger

Featuring Darrell Adams, Peter Byrne, Henry Franzoni, Rich Germeau, Tobe Johnson, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Ron Morehead, Sonya Zahar and many more

From the first few moments of this film’s contemplative opening scenes, set in a vast landscape of forested mountains half-hidden in the mist, as sincere voices present true stories of personal encounters with mysterious beings, viewers begin to sense that this is not just any old Bigfoot movie. And they are right... 


Chatting about Sasquatch and art with one of our favorite artists: Tom Sewid

While driving through the town of Forks, Washington, you may have seen a mural on the side of the Sasquatch The Legend store and wondered who made it and what it's all about. 

"It’s Dzoonakwa, (pronounced Joo-na-kwa) which is my tribe’s name for Sasquatch,” says Tom Sewid, the artist who created the piece. A member of the Mamalilikulla Tribe from the Kwakwaka’wakw First Nation from Northern Vancouver Island, Canada, Sewid explains that his tribe is one of the closest tribes affiliated with Sasquatch. In tribal tradition, animal crests are like money, and the crest of Sasquatch depicted on his tribe’s totem poles is its highest ranked crest, showing the regard for the Sasquatch beings among his people... 

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Top Ten Reasons to Keep an Open Mind about Bigfoot / Sasquatch

1. Oral history and pictographs/petroglyphs of First Nations and Native American peoples

For thousands of years, people living in what is now North America have told stories & drawn pictures of large, hairy beings interacting with normal humans. Many of their descendants maintain that the stories are not mythological, but are fact-based evidence of past encounters with Hairy Men / Bigfoot-like beings.

2. Patterson/Gimlin film

Shot in 1967 near Bluff Creek, Northern California, this 59.5 second film features a large, bipedal female figure striding past a creek and heading into the forest. The footage clearly shows characteristics (such as rippling muscles under the skin, a non-human like gait, an upturned foot without an arch) that would have been impossible to create with a costume or with the special effects technology available at the time...