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A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot


Behind the scenes: film stills from "A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot.". All photos in this story courtesy of Jill Remensnyder

Attendees of this year’s Forks Sasquatch Days, May 26-28, 2023 may not yet realize just how fortunate they are to be part of one of the biggest Bigfoot-related film debuts in recent years: the world premiere of the new film “A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot.” The follow-up to last year’s highly successful “A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed,” “Paranormal Bigfoot" will take viewers to a place they may have never been before: a place where the world of Bigfoot or Sasquatch intersects with the world of the paranormal. 

In this exclusive story, Jill Remensnyder, one of the producers of the new film, “A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot,” shares some insight into what makes this upcoming film so special. 

“Paranormal Bigfoot, our new film, picks up where the first documentary leaves off. During the course of making the documentary, many of the people we interviewed shared with us experiences that go beyond the traditional quick sighting from a distance, or finding footprints. There were so many accounts of “paranormal” events related to Bigfoot encounters, we couldn’t fit it all in to the first documentary. 

You might say that our 2022 film, “A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed” is a Bigfoot 101 film with an overview of the history, examples of evidence, and first hand accounts, whereas “Paranormal Bigfoot” dives deeper into the subject and tries to make sense of these extraordinary encounters. 

Film still from A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot

Many familiar faces from the first documentary reappear in the sequel, including former law enforcement officer Rich Germeau, anthropological artist Marcia Moore, and researcher Ron Morehead, best known for recording the Sierra Sounds. 

New voices include author and researcher Christopher Noel, author of Dark Matter Monsters Dr. Simeon Hein, researcher Barb Shupe, and several more. 

"A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot” will screen at the 2nd Annual Forks Sasquatch Days in Forks, Washington over Memorial Day Weekend 2023 and will be available for rental and purchase later this summer.”

-Jill Remensnyder 


The producers of "A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot" will be featured speakers at Forks Sasquatch Days in Forks, Washington, May 26-28, 2023. For tickets, visit Forks Sasquatch Days

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