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Documenting Sasquatch Researchers in the Selkirk Mountains


One of the most rugged and remote mountainous areas in the Lower 48 states is the region surrounding the Selkirk Range of Eastern Washington, Northwest Idaho and Southeastern British Columbia. Wild, secluded and slashed with vast swaths of nearly inaccessible terrain, the Selkirks have changed little since the gold mining days of the 1850s. Could this region be an ideal place for a Sasquatch to make its home? Documentary filmmaker and video producer Marshall White certainly thinks so. The creator of a Youtube channel called Selkirk Range Sasquatch, White has interviewed dozens of witnesses and Bigfoot researchers who say they have seen, heard and felt the presence of Bigfoot in the Selkirk Mountains. 

Panoramic view of peaks of the Selkirk Mountain Range (1902, public domain photo)

White approaches this subject matter with the grounded perspective of a lifelong artist and creator, a hard-working man whose path has taken him from Florida to Hawaii to the small town of Metaline Falls nestled on the edge of the Selkirks in Northeastern Washington. While on a hike one day in the hills above Metaline Falls, White had his own mystifying experience: a sighting of bare footprints in the snow, tracks that were in a straight line, several feet apart, and much too large to be from a human. “I could see the toe impressions in the snow,” White says, shaking his head at the thought. See more of White's story here: Finding Sasquatch Tracks in the Snow.

Huge tracks in the snow (all photos on this page, with the exception of public domain photos, courtesy of Marshall White)

Since moving to Metaline Falls several years ago, White has become deeply rooted in the Sasquatch research community. He has earned the trust of many individuals who have given him the opportunity to film their deeply personal stories of Bigfoot experiences, both good and bad, and who have invited him to join their expeditions in search of Sasquatch in the Selkirks. 

Marshall White, Aaron of WIBS, Larry Beans Baxter & Will Ulmer

“The real heart of the channel (Selkirk Range Sasquatch) is the people who have allowed me to share their stories with the public,” states White. “Some of the most incredible people…Bill Bisson, Will Ulmer, Sasquatch Sisters Northwest, Tom Sewid, Aaron of WIBS, Nathaniel Bronis, Joe Weant, Bruce Trott…they all have wonderful stories to tell and I love being able to tell their stories with moving pictures, dialogue, and music. It’s dynamic and challenging,” White explains.

Marshall White

The most important aspect of filmmaking, to White, is choosing authenticity rather than an overly dramatized reality TV-style narrative. “Bigfoot Research is pretty boring stuff unless you have that very rare moment when you have an encounter or find the perfect foot print, so I turned my focus to documenting the adventures of researchers out in the field,” explains White. 

“I adopted the motto of “keeping it real” and looking for the story in the obstacles that Bigfoot witnesses and researchers face, the way they overcome those obstacles, and in the stories that they tell,” White continues. 

White has produced several documentary films, including three new ones in 2022: 

“There’s Something Out There”

In this film, two men return to a remote lake to face their fears. Bigfoot researchers Will Ulmer and Beans Baxter describe their encounters at Little Twin Lakes and meet to investigate what it was that gave them nightmares.


A documentary of a live performance by Sasquatch Island's Tom Sewid at the Yakima Valley Bigfoot Con 2022, featuring Tom and his wife Peggy performing Kwakwaka 'wakw Tribal Narration and Dance.

“Selkirk Expedition 2022”

A group of Sasquatch researchers come together in this film to search for evidence and gather data to predict the seasonal movements of Sasquatch in the Selkirk Mountain Range. Aaron of WIBS ( Washington Idaho Bigfoot Search ), Nathaniel Bronis - A Sasquatch Field Research Analyst, Larry “Beans” Baxter from Alaska’s, Will Ulmer of Bigfoot of Stevens County and Bill Bisson visit an unspecified location in the mountains where many reports of sightings, howls, and wood knocks have been recorded.

Nathaniel Bronis

In addition to the documentary films, White’s Youtube Channel, Selkirk Range Selkirk, offers several programs that are each a little different in nature to give the audience a variety of content. 

The main playlist is “Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Documentary Films & Videos,” which covers a variety of stories in the Pacific Northwest by researchers, enthusiasts, and people who have had encounters with Bigfoot.

Bill Bisson

“Selkirk Mountain Sasquatch with Bill Bisson” is a documentary series that follows Bill Bisson on his research adventures in North Pend Oreille County, which is located right in the middle of the Selkirk Mountain Range just south of the Canadian border. 

Selkirk Range Bigfoot “Case Files” is a show that is focused only on a single report or encounter in the Selkirk Mountains.

Will Ulmer holding Sasquatch track cast

“Finding Bigfoot: Sasquatch research Tips & Advice” is all about how to search for Sasquatch and includes advice from longtime researchers. Tom Sewid, Will Ulmer, and Larry Beans Baxter have all shared information that could be helpful for new Sasquatch enthusiasts.


Larry Beans Baxter

Tom Sewid

For more information about Marshall White and all the people who have graciously allowed him to record their personal journeys in search of Sasquatch, visit White's Youtube channel here: Selkirk Range Sasquatch.



by Christina Hebert



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