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All About Forks, Washington

The Forks, Washington welcome sign

A favorite destination for visitors to Washington State’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula, Forks is nestled between heavily forested mountains on a plain where several rivers, including the Calawah, the Sol Due and the Bogachiel River, form forks, or separate into multiple branches. The traditional homeland of the Hoh and Quileute tribes, Forks is a place where elements of many different cultures add spark and interest to a town of just over 3,000 people, a place where hardworking loggers, salmon and steelhead fishermen, elk hunters, nature lovers, park rangers, visiting urbanites and tourists from all over the world rub elbows in the same cafe. 

Rainforest near Forks 

Forks has always drawn visitors due to its proximity to Olympic National Park, a natural paradise of green rainforests, cascading waterfalls, glacial lakes and jaw-dropping mountain vistas.

The Cullen House, (a.k.a. Miller Tree Inn) Forks 

In more recent years, as the setting for the Twilight series of books and films, Forks has become a popular destination for Twilight enthusiasts who come to see such sights as the “Swan” and “Cullen” houses and the authentic costumes and props from the Twilight films on display at the Forever Twilight in Forks exhibit at the Rainforest Arts Center and to catch sunsets and unforgettable walks at Ruby Beach and the beach at La Push. 

(Visit our Forks Life photo essay for more photos of noteworthy sights and beauty spots in an around Forks, here.)

Sunset at La Push

Sasquatch stories abound in the Pacific Northwest, but the vast, untouched, thickly-forested interior of the Olympic Peninsula is considered to be perhaps the most likely place in all of Washington to encounter a Sasquatch being, and the misty mountaintops near Forks are rumored to provide ideal habitat. Sightings have occurred for years, passed down for centuries through the oral traditions of local tribes and continuing into the present day. Hardly a week goes by in our Forks store without a local resident or visitor dropping by to tell us their encounter story, whether it consists of a momentary glimpse of a tall, bipedal being crossing the roadside, a description of eerie howls heard in the woods or something even stranger. 

All these natural and cultural elements as well as the Sasquatch history of the Olympic Peninsula make Forks an ideal site for a Sasquatch-themed conference.  

Rainforest Arts Center

Forks Sasquatch Days will take place May 26-28 at the Rainforest Arts Center in Forks, Washington. The Rainforest Arts Center is located at 35 N Forks Ave in Forks. 

Forks Ave is also Highway 101, which runs right through the town, so it is very easy to find.

Sasquatch The Legend


Our retail store is located directly across the street from the Rainforest Arts Center, at 80 N Forks Ave in Forks. 


Exterior view of The In Place, Forks

Here are our recommendations for local food.

Sully’s Drive-In: an unpretentious local spot with excellent burgers, fries and milkshakes. 220 N Forks Ave, Forks. 

Rinconcito Del Sabor: a favorite stop for Mexican food. 90 N Forks Ave, Forks. 

The In Place: the diner that brings everyone together. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 320 S Forks Ave, Forks. 

Pacific Pizza: Excellent pizza, salads and brews. 870 S Forks Ave, Forks. 

Forks Outfitters/Thriftway: a quick stop for chicken tenders, fruit, chips, drinks, energy bars and picnic food. Also has an espresso bar. 950 S Forks Ave, Forks. 

West End Taproom: craft beers, ciders, paninis and snacks. 70 A Street SW, Forks. 

Blakeslee’s Bar & Grill: excellent burgers, chicken wings, salads, beers. 21 and over only. 1222 S Forks Ave, Forks. 


Interior view of a cabin at Woodland Inns in Forks

Forks is a small town, but there are many hotels & motels within the city limits and more nearby. The closest hotels to the Rainforest Arts Center include:

The Pacific Inn

The Dewdrop Inn

The Forks Motel 

Woodland Inns

Miller Tree Inn

Olympic Suites 

Misty Valley Inn

Quillayute River Resort 

Our friends at the Forks Chamber of Commerce have created an extensive guide to nearby lodging. Please visit their website for further recommendations: Forks Chamber of Commerce Lodging Guide

You can also try, or


For camping nearby, try:

Last Chance Camp Equine Rest Stop 

Bogachiel State Park 

Things to Do Nearby

The Forever Twilight in Forks exhibit

Favorite visitor spots include:

-The Forever Twilight in Forks Collection

-Timber Museum

-Hoh Rainforest 

-La Push

-Ruby Beach 

-Lake Crescent 

For more information about each of these places, visit the links above or check out the Forks Chamber of Commerce's excellent guide to things to do in the Forks area, here


Forks is the rainiest place in the contiguous United States, so you are likely to encounter some sort of moisture while you're here. Our weather is hard to predict though, so bring layers and come prepared for anything. For more information about weather in Forks, visit the Forks Chamber of Commerce's visitor's guide, here


Forks is located on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula. For those traveling from the Seattle area, there are several ways to get here. From the north end of the Seattle region, many choose to take the Edmonds to Kingston ferry, then drive west on 101 all the way to Forks. From Seattle itself, another option is the Seattle to Bremerton ferry followed by a drive west on 101. From the Tacoma area, many visitors choose to drive around Hood Canal, which is a pleasant, scenic option. 

For a thoroughly-researched, up to date guide with directions to Forks, please visit the Forks Chamber of Commerce's visitor's guide, here


By Christina Hebert

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