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Giant Fingerprints on a Dusty Truck


Barb Shupe, a longtime Sasquatch experiencer and cofounder of the Barb & Goldie Group, is based in the Mount Rainier area of Washington State. The B&G (Barb & Goldie) group is a gathering of Sasquatch experiencers and researchers who camp out together several times a year and respectfully strive to learn not only about the Sasquatch, but from them. Barb kindly shared a recent story of strange, giant fingerprints found at a campsite during a B&G gathering in Greenwater, WA. 

"This weekend we wrapped up our final campout of the season. We had so many amazing adventures! I’ll be sharing them soon. But for now, I have something exciting to share. This last week, while camping near Greenwater, we were aware of the possible presence of the Forest Folk around us, pretty much the whole time we were in camp. There were vocals, footsteps, a shaken tree, wood knocks, even a run through…the usual stuff, LOL. 

Around 8:00 pm on Friday, Terri Cook and I used the black light to check the vehicles for possible fingerprints. First, we checked five vehicles that were lined up on the camp side of the road. Nothing was found. Then we walked a short distance to Terri’s truck, which was parked at a vacant campsite, across the road. It didn’t take long to spot a fingerprint that was bigger than a silver dollar. There was also a small smudge beside it that looked like it could have been from hair. The print appeared to have been made by a damp finger, touching a thin layer of dust, creating perfect dermal ridges. 

We took several pictures and Terri held the light while I made a video. As I was filming, it was becoming increasingly difficult to get the light to shine on it correctly so that the camera would pick it up. Then we realized it was beginning to disappear, after being dried and deteriorated by the warm breeze. It had possibly just been made, possibly as we were approaching the truck. By the next morning, it was completely gone. There was nothing left but a slightly less dusty spot on the truck. 

Also, while we were examining the print, we heard a loud stick break, in the darkness, close by. In my opinion, we may have been watched while checking the other vehicles for prints and were then gifted this beautiful, fresh, giant fingerprint." 

Fellow B&G group member Peter Smith also took photographs and later conducted a size analysis of the fingerprint. His analysis and photo are below.

"Here is a black and white version of the photo I took at 9:10, which was one hour and five minutes after Barb took her first photo. If you can see the detail, you can see how much has disappeared.

Since the ruler in the photo is on the same plane as the print, it accurately shows the scale. On a large version of the photo, I marked a card with the width and height of the print, and laid the marked card alongside the ruler. I make the width of the print to be 1-9/16" (39.7 mm) the actual height of the print to be 1-3/4" (44.5 mm) and the height as projected around the curved contour of the vehicle surface to be 1-7/8" (47.6 mm).

For comparison, I measured my own thumbprint, made by pushing hard, to be 1" x 3/4" (25.4 mm x 19.1 mm). Even without accounting for the partial nature of the vehicle fingerprint, it is at least 87% (by height) or 108% (by width) larger than mine. If the relationship of fingerprint to height is the same between the maker of the fingerprint and myself (although it may not be) and using my height of 5'9" (1.75m), its height could be estimated to be between 10'9" and 12'.0" (3.3m-3.6m) depending on whether you scale up by the height or width of the fingerprint.

By the way, note the smudge to the right of the photo, showing striations that could have been made by hairs." 


Barb has a Youtube channel, Squatchin' with Barb & Goldie,  and a Facebook page, Barb Shupe. Peter can also be found on Facebook, at Peter Smith.


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