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Apples and Sasquatch


Crunching sounds are heard in the orchard…a dark shadow slips through the trees…the fruit is gone. 

Many Sasquatch researchers believe that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, loves apples. This idea, common in folklore and in stories passed down for generations, has been substantiated by dozens, if not hundreds of reports of fruit disappearing from trees in both home and commercial apple orchards amid sightings of large, dark beings. 

Apples have become one of the most common gifts that researchers leave for Sasquatch in order to befriend or have an opportunity to study the beings, and nearly every book and TV show about interactions with Sasquatch includes a mention of gifting apples. 

For 2022, a long cold spring followed by 3 months of drought have impacted Washington State’s apple harvest (Washington grows more apples than any other state in the US.) According to the Washington State Tree Fruit Association, this year’s apple harvest is predicted to be down 11% and prices are at an all-time high. 

Could this reduced harvest lead to conflict between growers and those beings who wish to consume the apples? How will this situation impact researchers’ plans to leave gifts for Sasquatch? Sasquatch The Legend does not know, and we do not take a position on whether or not it’s wise to leave gifts for Sasquatch, but we hope for a successful harvest for the apple growers as well as for ample apples for forest beings. 

Here are a just a few of the many stories and videos we have found about Sasquatch and apples.


Survivorman Bigfoot Episode 3, Klemtu BC


Expedition Bigfoot leaving apples as a gift


Mother Bigfoot with baby eating apples


Apple eating Bigfoot- Mountain Monsters


I leave them apples sometimes


Bigfoot eating apples in North Carolina


by Christina Hebert 


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