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Bigfoot/Sasquatch Fall 2022 News Roundup

Here is a selection of intriguing Bigfoot/Sasquatch-related articles that have appeared in the news over the past few months. 


 The Wall Street Journal printed an article about ongoing searches for Sasquatch, along with a photo essay: 

“Some researchers are looking for Bigfoot…just don’t tell anyone.”


The BBC discussed First Nations views of Bigfoot, as well as mentioning the expansion of a Sasquatch Museum in British Columbia, set to open in 2023: 

“The true origin of Sasquatch” 


NPR covered a new Bigfoot book written for 8-to12-year-old kids: 

“She wrote a Bigfoot book for kids. It was no small feat.”


Pennsylvania officials denied the existence of Bigfoot and said they did not post recent signs warning of Bigfoot sightings: 

“Bigfoot is not real: signs in Pennsylvania parks, trails asking residents to report sightings weren’t posted by officials.”


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is adding Bigfoot to its list of characters:

 “Bigfoot officially exists in the MCU.”


Laramie Live revisited the story of Teddy Roosevelt’s Wyoming Bigfoot sighting:

“Teddy Roosevelt told the story of Bigfoot near Montana & Wyoming.”


A Michigan TV station played some interesting videos and discussed sightings in Michigan:

“Is a Michigan man trading gifts with Bigfoot?”


Honobia, Oklahoma has had many sightings and is now hosting a Bigfoot festival:

"A remote Oklahoma town has become a hub for Bigfoot believers.”


Outside Online made a list of possibly genuine Bigfoot sightings:

“The 10 most convincing Bigfoot sightings.”


A massive pile of strange scat, possibly from a Sasquatch, was found near a lodge in rural Oregon:

“Mysterious poo that must be from Bigfoot found close to countryside hotel.”

And last, but absolutely not least: it's the 55th anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin film.


By Christina Hebert 


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