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Sasquatch Haiku

Photo: Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River near North Bend, WA (source: author)

Just for Fun, Sasquatch Haiku

Have you ever felt inspired while hiking in a lush, green, possibly-Sasquatch-inhabited forest or near a joyfully-splashing river, or wished you could somehow express the feeling of being immersed in the sublime beauty of nature? These emotions can be channeled into a form called Haiku, an ancient style of poetry from Japan. This short poem structure is characterized by three lines in a pattern of 5/7/5 syllables.

  • Line one has five syllables.
  • Line two has seven syllables.
  • Line three has five syllables.

Traditional Japanese haiku often focuses on a single aspect of nature, such as a leaf falling on water, and the poems can be graceful, pleasing and lovely, even when translated. Our haiku is perhaps…not so much. Nevertheless, here are some Bigfoot/Sasquatch-inspired Haiku poems from Sasquatch The Legend. 


Dark face in the trees

Much too tall for a person

What else could it be?


It ran through our camp

Now the woods feel scary

I may be done here.


They asked us for proof

We tried to get a picture

Only got blur-squatch.


Mysterious beast

What is the truth about you?

You frighten us all. 


I heard Sasquatch speak

Family made fun of me

But I know it’s true.


Soft blanket of snow

Forest’s peace shocked by snowball!

Oh it’s you, Sasquatch.


Strong unpleasant smell

Howls on a moonlit night

Growls too? Watch out!


Biking by river

Shadowy figure threw rocks

We had to go home. 


Massive bare footprints

Wood knocks high in the mountains

Signs to watch out for.


Person? Monster? Ape?

Distant tribe? Or Nephilim?

What are you, Sasquatch?


At home in the woods

It must be stronger than us

Bare feet in winter?!


Bigfoot experts spar.

Sasquatch watches, shaking head.

Why fight over us?


Siren-like vocals

I thought it might be Sasquatch

No, a fire truck.


I think of you now

Each time I walk in the woods

Please let me see you.


Did these silly, Sasquatch-themed, 3-line poems inspire you to create your own haiku? If so, please share it with us in the Comment section below.


If you don’t have time for haiku but enjoy creating short poems, try Magnetic Poetry, a creative set of words in magnet form that you can assemble into poetic lines on a refrigerator or other magnetic surface. They’re a fun stress-reliever and a thoughtful gift for just about anyone. Choose from Camping and Sasquatch versions of Magnetic Poetry, available on Sasquatch The Legend. 


by Christina Hebert


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