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Co-host of Forks Sasquatch Days: Nancy Frye

Nancy Frye’s first encounter with “Bigfoot”, like that of many others, was viewing the Patterson-Gimlin footage on a 1977 episode of the Leonard Nimoy hosted documentary series “In Search Of”. The existence of a reclusive biped seemed plausible, and this knowledge was filed away in the back of her brain.

After graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in Drama in 1988, Nancy worked in Seattle theaters until she got the travel bug. She taught English in Japan for a year, then landed in northern California where she eventually met her husband, Gordon, who drew her back into theatrical pursuits by crewing on, and sometimes acting in, feature films.

Just off working as Script Supervisor on “The Stairs”, a “monster in the woods” feature shot in 2019, an ad for an upcoming “Sasquatch Symposium” near her home in Kingston, WA caught her attention, and she hit the jackpot with the speaker lineup. For the first time, she was introduced to Thom Powell, Rich Germeau, Sonya Zohar, and Ron Morehead. Ron’s Sierra Sounds recordings really got her attention.

That conference showed her that, 1. Sasquatch are not just in northern California, and 2. Sightings and encounters are not rare. Turning to the internet, she dove into podcasts and YouTube channels. She met even more people at the Quinault Conference in early 2020... then the pandemic response hit and shut everything down.

With the internet now her sole networking and research tool, she found Tobe Johnson’s Strange Brau Radio. Seeing what he was doing with his live interview events, she offered technical and media assistance for future projects, and the rest is history.

Frye will be the co-host of Sasquatch The Legend’s upcoming event, the second annual Forks Sasquatch Days, held in Forks, Washington on Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28, 2023. For tickets or more information, visit Forks Sasquatch Days