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News From Our Readers

This footprint photo was recently shared with us by Alexis, who discovered it while camping in the Wisconsin Dells area. Thank you for sharing, Alexis!

Reader J.P. shared the story of when he and his wife "caught the dread" or experienced profound feelings of unease late one night near the Snoqualmie River in North Bend, Washington. 

"One night several years ago we were visiting my cousin at his house in North Bend, Washington. He lived across from the Snoqualmie River. On that dark night, my wife and I went out of the house onto the porch to have a cigarette (we smoked back then) and on the porch, surrounded by wooded areas and a few houses, we soon felt a terrible dread. We were both very scared, for no apparent reason. I wondered if there was a cougar watching us about to pounce. We felt like we had to get out of there. 

We did not see an actual creature but there was an awful, harmful feeling of a presence for sure. We both had never felt this feeling before. We finished our cigarettes quickly and went inside for safety. I tried to explain it to myself later and wondered if the house had been built on an old native cemetery or on sacred ground, and that we were haunted by their spirits. It was definitely a feeling of being told you’re unwelcome and to leave. 

Since this happened I watched a video where Rich Germeau described having that same feeling, so I’ve come to believe that it was Bigfoot. I’ve never had the feeling outdoors since that time but I refuse to go camping now. I respect Bigfoot’s right to live in the woods and hope that they and we can all get along."

And multiple readers commented on our recent story, "Murmurs in the Mountains." In this story, two people hunting near Forks, Washington heard several beings speaking in a strange language, unlike anything they'd ever heard before. 

"A friend of mine had an experience just like this while camping with his family. It happened about two hours after sunset. It was in the summer so between 10 pm and 11 pm. He said he could hear this low level conversation going on coming from the southwest of their campsite. But, he could not make out the words. He knew there were multiple indiviuals involved. 

He thought there may have been a camp out of his view that he could not see. The next day he went and explored the area. Could not find a single trace of anyone over there. That really put his hair standing straight up. Said it was the most perplexing thing to ever happen to him in the woods."


"Voices in the woods. I've experienced that many times. Most of the time it sounds like women and children playing. But some times it sounds like two men talking. But I can't make out what they are saying."


"I experienced a similar situation in the woods of Pacific/ Grays Harbor County while doing stream surveys for WDFW in 2002. With strange noises...screaming, rocks being thrown then chatter. (Report posted on BFRO website.) Then a deer carcass found & torn in half. Very scary."


"I’ve seen areas where there was a large arch of trees pulled together like a tunnel before and I’ve heard that same type of voices."


"I was reading about a gentleman who  encountered one and it hissed at him. He got a picture and it was a good picture of if behind a stump. It was aways so you could only see it’s head clearly enough to make out some facial expressions."


Thank you all for sharing. We truly enjoy hearing your stories and value your comments. If you would like to share an encounter with our readers (we'll keep it anonymous, if you like) please send your story via the link here: Encounters


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