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Inside The Owl Moon Lab with Tobe Johnson

What do owls, moons, and paranormal experiments have to do with Sasquatch? And what’s all this about an ‘interactive’ book? The Owl Moon Lab author Tobe Johnson clears things up for us in this exclusive interview. 

“The Owl Moon Lab is a place where the veil is thin, a strange place on the grid, much like Skinwalker Ranch,” explains Johnson. 

“It’s also a ranch in Oregon where my friends Darrell and Cindy lived, and I was living on part of their property. I’d been looking into Sasquatch sightings for many years and one day I was with a friend who took me to see some stick structures in the forest, and on the way there we saw these strange knee impressions in the ground under a full moon and heard Bigfoot howls and owl sounds in the background…it was a weird night.” 

The strangeness didn’t end there, however. It seemed to follow Johnson and his friends back to the ranch, now known as the Owl Moon Lab. Darrell and Cindy, the ranch owners, are what Johnson calls ‘Extended Experiencers of Sasquatch,’ who are usually rural residents who have ongoing interactions with Sasquatch beings around their property, sometimes for many years. 

“One of these interactions is known as ‘gifting’. This gifting process, as I write about in the book, usually starts with a small tap or hit to the house or window. These small or large sounds signal that something has been left as a gift. Think of it as a doorbell ring from the hairiest UPS guy ever. These gifts can be placed anywhere and usually defy expectations for human pranksters,” states Johnson. 

As detailed in Johnson’s book, The Owl Moon Lab, someone or something continued to leave gifts for the residents of the ranch, and these gifts frequently had to do with a specific need or wish expressed by the ranch residents. For example, once Johnson’s friend Darrell was out walking with his dog and while on the phone with Johnson, he mentioned that he needed to get home because his dog was thirsty. Moments later, a bright red thermos appeared in the middle of the trail on his way home, where it had not been just moments before. As another example, Johnson had a crummy old walking stick that was inadequate for his needs. A handsome, solid wood walking stick with a smoothly polished handle suddenly showed up one day, leaning against his front door. 

Then things took at turn toward the paranormal. Gifts started to show up in places and in ways that seemed to be impossible for humans. For example, Johnson and his friend would hear a knock, a snapping or a banging sound and then find gifts left and items moved inside a locked garage that is completely inaccessible from the outside. The garage on the property became a sort of lab for paranormal activity, where an audible sound would signal to the residents that something was happening that they should come check out. 

The knocks, sounds and possible Sasquatch vocalizations that were happening at the garage lab were captured as audio files and have now been made available for readers of Johnson’s new book to hear for themselves. How exactly does this interactive process work? 

“As you read the book, there are connected QR codes that you can scan with your smart phone camera. It’s really easy—you just turn your smart phone camera on and point it over the pages at the QR codes. Then your phone does the rest. You’ll be linked to a video or audio that transports you right to the Owl Moon Lab. It’s cool because you feel like you’re actually there,” explains Johnson. 

The interactive features of the book were made possible by Hangar 1 Publishing, founded by Doug Hajicek, known for cutting-edge work on History Channel’s hit show, MonsterQuest. The publisher worked to include many of Johnson’s favorite interactive clips within The Owl Moon Lab book, such as possible Sasquatch language and vocalization, which also comes with a visual wave form of the sound, and videos of evidence taken at the actual moment of discovery, such as biological and forensic collection, tracks being found and cast, gifting, property damage, animal evidence, eyewitness accounts and much more. 

“It’s been a fantastic experience, getting to be part of the mysteries at the Owl Moon Lab and now getting to share those with everyone as part of the interactive features,” states Johnson. What’s next for him? “I’m looking forward to sharing more mysteries in 2023 as co-producer of Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot, a new film we’re working on,” says Johnson. 

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For further information about Tobe Johnson or The Owl Moon Lab, contact .

Per Tobe Johnson, "If you or someone you know has experienced similar activity to that described in the book, please reach out to me, anonymously or otherwise. Your privacy is my duty."



by Christina Hebert


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