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Top ten reasons to keep an open mind about Bigfoot / Sasquatch

Top Ten Reasons to Keep an Open Mind about Bigfoot / Sasquatch

By Christina J. Hebert, M.S. 


1. Oral history and pictographs/petroglyphs of First Nations and Native American peoples 

For thousands of years, people living in what is now North America have told stories & drawn pictures of large, hairy beings interacting with normal humans. Many of their descendants maintain that the stories are not mythological, but are fact-based evidence of past encounters with Hairy Men / Bigfoot-like beings.

2. Patterson/Gimlin film 

Shot in 1967 near Bluff Creek, Northern California, this 59.5 second film features a large, bipedal female figure striding past a creek and heading into the forest. The footage clearly shows characteristics (such as rippling muscles under the skin, a non-human like gait, an upturned foot without an arch) that would have been impossible to create with a costume or with the special effects technology available at the time.

3. DNA evidence from hair and skin samples 

The Sasquatch Genome Project spent five years testing over 100 purported Sasquatch DNA samples, using 12 independent laboratories across the country. The results pointed to a human hybrid previously unknown to science, with human female and unknown male ancestry. The study is available to all online.

4. Newer video and photo evidence

Many videos and photos of Bigfoot/Sasquatch have been posted on social media in recent years. While some are most likely hoaxes, others appear to be authentic sightings of large, hairy, bipedal creatures that are much larger than humans, running more quickly than humans can across difficult terrain, etc. 

5. Footprints in the wilderness

Thousands of massive, barefoot footprints have been found in the mud, dirt and snow deep in the mountainous regions of North America, far from any roads and any signs of humans. Some of the footprints are in a stride pattern so far apart that it is impossible for a human to duplicate it. 

6. Hairs, bodyprints, dermal ridges

A growing body of physical evidence indicates the presence of an unknown species in North America. Casts of body prints and of footprints show individual pores, differences in foot arch and toe structure, and skin whorls/ridges as individual as human fingerprints, while studies of purported Bigfoot/Sasquatch hairs note differences in physical characteristics such as the lack of a medulla. 

7. Sierra sounds

In a high country camp deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the 1970s, a group of hunters recorded the sounds made by Bigfoot/Sasquatch beings. Experts say these sounds are genuine, show no signs of being tampered with, could not have been been created by humans, and have both language and syntax.

8. Ohio howls 

These eerie, siren-like sounds recorded in 1994 are reputed to be the sounds of a Bigfoot-type creature. An analysis by audio experts determined that the sounds don’t match the calls of any known animal. 

9. Tree structures 

Huge, teepee-like structures have been found in wild areas all over North America, featuring X-shapes & arches of stacked tree limbs that have been broken, not cut, & are too large and heavy for humans to lift. 

10. First-hand, eyewitness accounts from tens of thousands of honest people

There are historic and modern testimonies from tens of thousands of people who have encountered Bigfoot-like beings, had visual sightings, heard strange screams and chattering in unknown languages, seen creatures peeking at them from behind trees, had rocks thrown at them, etc. The numbers and similarities of these accounts provide evidence for an unknown being in the wilderness of North America. 


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