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A Bigfoot Trailer for Sale

In Port Orchard, WA it snowed a few feet over the course of a week or so towards the end of December 2021. On the 27th I was taking my dog out for a walk around the back side of my trailer and I notice my dog sniffing the snow like crazy and I looked over and I saw these huge footprints in a fresh blanket of snow right behind my trailer. The footprints were about 16 inches in length, 8 inches wide and roughly 8 feet apart. I tracked the bigfoot prints from behind my neighbors trailer to my left, to my trailer in the middle, towards my other neighbors shed to the right of me. The weird part was that the prints came to and from the wild sticker bushes which is impossible for any human or animal to get through and its foot got caught on a single sticker bush vine sticking out of the snow and it left hair in the last footprint before it disappeared into another dimension.

It gets stranger, on December 31st around 10:30 pm my mother and I were hanging out in the living room watching TV and all of a sudden we heard something really big hit directly in the back of the trailer. It damn near shook me and everything in the trailer. We live near trees and no one would be lighting fireworks or anything because of the rough terrain and trees. No damage was done, only a few more bigfoot prints in the snow when I checked the next morning.

I'm looking forward to selling this trailer to any bigfoot enthusiast out there and of course I have pictures and videos for anyone that's interested. I put the bigfoot hair back where I found it the day before bigfoot or something hit the back of my trailer because I believe in the spirt world/multi-dimensions and I didn't want any negative attachments to my family or myself.