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Want to become a guest on the "Sasquatch The Legend" Podcast?


Episode 6: The History of Sasquatch (Part 1) The Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967

In the first episode of our new series, "The History of Sasquatch", Mike discusses the staple of all Bigfoot video sightings ever recorded, The Patterson-Gimlin Film of 1967.

Episode 5: Tyler's Sasquatch Encounters

This episode features Mike, our newest podcaster as he reads Tyler's Sasquatch encounter.

Episode 4: Tom share his encounters with a group of Local Legends

Listen to this week Sasquatch The Legend podcast as Tom share us his bone chilling encounters.

Episode 3: A sit down with Kathy Strain

Our very own JD Hughes sits down and chat with Kathy Strain who is an Author, Sasquatch Researcher, Anthropologist and US Forest Tribal Relations Program Manager.

Episode 2: Michael Montoya and Claudia Ackley, The "Woman suing California for Bigfoot is Real!" lawsuit.

Listen to this weeks podcast with our host Chrissy. She interview Michael Montoya as he share his passion in helping people who have encounter Bigfoot including Claudia Ackley. She is the woman suing California for "Bigfoot is Real!" lawsuit.

Episode 1: Bigfoot Threw A Rock At Me!

Our first episode of Sasquatch The Legend The Podcast. Sharing personal Sasquatch encounters from Karen from Alabama and Jeff H. from Oklahoma.