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Dress-up Bigfoot - Sasquatch The Legend
Dress-up Bigfoot - Sasquatch The Legend

Dress-up Bigfoot

  • SKU: 810128660143
  • 7" or 16" tall laminated cardboard Bigfoot
  • 28 pieces of vinyl cling clothing
  • Dress Bigfoot according to your whim
  • Clothing reusable so you can dress him again and again

You probably haven’t thought about it before, but Bigfoot walks around naked. Yeah, his fur makes it look like he’s all covered up, but he’s a forest-living, hippy nudist. Our laminated cardboard Dress-Up Bigfoot comes with 28 reusable vinyl cling pieces of clothing and accessories that you can use to dress Bigfoot.  7" perfect for traveling and on-the-go play time.  He’ll make a handsome desk accessory or holiday decoration. You can dress Bigfoot to your whim, but we’re partial to him in his tighty-whities. Dress and redress Bigfoot year-round, all the clings are reusable. Illustrated cardboard envelope.


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