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The Bigfoot Film Controversy by Roger Patterson - Sasquatch The Legend
The Bigfoot Film Controversy by Roger Patterson - Sasquatch The Legend

The Bigfoot Film Controversy by Roger Patterson

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The essential story as we know it of Roger Patterson's Bigfoot research and the 1967 Bigfoot film at Bluff Creek California. In December 1959 Roger C. Patterson of Tampico, Washington took up the challenge to prove the existence of North America's elusive Sasquatch or Bigfoot creature that for centuries had evaded capture and had never been filmed At age 26, Patterson attacked the issue with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. Despite serious health problems, he diligently interviewed witnesses, listened to the stories of native people, read all he could find on the subject and with his partner, Robert Gimlin, explored wilderness areas in the Pacific Northwest. In 1966, Patterson published a book on the subject, Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist? the first book to provide a detailed account of Bigfoot sightings and footprint findings. In October 1967 Patterson and Gimlin captured a Bigfoot on motion picture film in Northern California, the first scientifically authenticated footage of the creature. In less than five year's time, Patterson succumbed to Hodgkins disease and passed away on January 15, 1972. Continually in demand, Patterson's book has had three printings. This, the fourth printing, provides not only the complete Patterson book, but also a detailed account of the filming, its aftermath and a dissertation on the recent controversy regarding the film's authenticity. Full-page color enlargements of the twelve clearest film frames and many supporting photographs/illustrations make this work a highly valuable research resource. The information gathered and assembled by Roger Patterson in his epic work will truly impress the reader. One cannot help but feel this author's passion for the subject and associate with his burning desire to fully substantiate the remarkable accounts he has collected. Chris Murphy's detailed but easy-reading documentation of the filming, its aftermath and the film controversy is both very informative and entertaining. Chris has provided us with a nice clean highly illustrated package. He keeps it frank, simple and factual, saving the reader the trouble of wading through superfluous page fillers.


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