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Bereft by M.S. Ketchum
Bereft by M.S. Ketchum

Bereft by M.S. Ketchum

  • SKU: BKMELBAB-Paperback

IT'S FINALLY HERE! M. S. Ketchum's second book, Bereft.

Gracie McKay is heartbroken upon her return home to civilization after being lost in the wilderness of Vancouver Island. She misses Zari, the untamed boy she loves, and longs to return to the forest. They secretly see each other, but Garrett, her high school crush, wants her, too. Gracie soon finds herself torn between them. When Zari is feared dead, Gracie throws herself into a relationship with Garrett while still mourning Zari's loss. Living in two different worlds is proving difficult at best since the Forest People use their preternatural powers to remain hidden from civilized humankind. Will Gracie choose Garrett if Zari is dead? The decision might not be as easy as she thinks.

Read our interview with author M.S. Ketchum here: interview.


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