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Ghosts of Ruby Ridge - Sasquatch The Legend
Ghosts of Ruby Ridge - Sasquatch The Legend

Ghosts of Ruby Ridge

  • SKU: 9781522995050
  • Author Thom Cantrall
  • Paperback

Ghosts of Ruby Ridge, by Author Thom Cantrall

A case of mistaken identity during an archery bear hunt in northern Idaho sets in motion a chain of events that changes the lives of many people. One man is lost in the woods, perhaps captured by unknown creatures and another, in summoning help, falls afoul of the Neo-Nazi Militia group centered on the Aryan Nations Church in the area. The resulting events unfolding brought about a major confrontation that resulted in a terrorist event of huge proportions in ths quiet northwoods area. This story could have been taken from teh front page of any of our newspapers in this post 9-11 era. The events are plausible and interesting, the action is fast paced and the characters are those found across America. The incidents with sasquatch are all incidents reported to the author or experienced by him. All in all, this book is a very good read!




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