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Sasquatch Approved Signs
Sasquatch Approved Signs

Sasquatch Approved Signs


Designed and manufactured in Tucson Az come these Sasquatch Approved Product Signage. These are made using 1/8" White Acrylic and are UV Printed highlighting the unique art designs. The smaller sign is made using the slant back method providing easy viewing for all angles. The larger sign is made using our insert method where the top portion inserts into the base. Both sit securely on any flat surface. We use these in our new flagship store to express which products are Sasquatch Approved compared to those that aren't. The smaller sign comes in a pack of 6 and the larger sign is a single purchase. 

The following requirements make products Sasquatch Approved;

  • Made directly in the USA
  • Printed, Engraved, or Emblemished in the USA
  • Be sold by an American Company, Warehouse & Stocked in the USA

Features like the following exclude the product from being Sasquatch Approved;

  • Manufactured in China or other countries that are not the USA
  • Products/Items drop-shipped from China based Companies (Alibaba, Wish, Etc)
  • Print on demand items (since they are not in stock at any warehouse)
  • Sasquatch Drinking Alcohol, Smoking, peeing, pooping, erotica or adult toys, etc.
  • If you feel embarrassed to show your/a child then it is not up to Sasquatch Approved Standard.

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